We Are(ndal's)





Lille Hotel is Arendal’s latest hotel addition and we seek to indulge our guests in a unique street art experience while staying with us. Our 14 rooms have been uniquely decorated by local and national street artists and are a collective collaboration to showcase the creative powers of our crew.

We have taken residence in a beautiful historical building from the 1860s in the heart of the city center of Arendal. With our newly renovated rooms, we look forward to welcoming you to an exciting visit to Arendal!

We are a tech-enabled hotel.

As a small and independent hotel, we have embraced the future of hotelling and are offering our guests unmanned check-in upon arrival. It’s simple and fast, giving you more time to enjoy what really matters.


To make our operations seamless, we only accept bookings through our website or an authorized travel agent (although we really appreciate bookings done directly on our site!). Start your booking here.


Prior to your arrival we will be sending you all the required information by email and text message. Most importantly, we’ll be sending you a unique password for you to access our hotel and your room.


On the day of your check-in, you will receive a text message with the password to access your room once it is ready. All our hotel doors are equipped with a keypad, so no physical keys necessary! 

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