Welcome to Arendal’s newest, smallest and hippest hotel.

We offer 14 beautifully decorated hotel rooms in the heart of the city center. Each of our rooms has been uniquely decorated by national and international street artists, giving you an out of the ordinary experience while visiting our beloved city.

As a native Arendal business, we are dedicated to supporting our local community and commit part of our profits to local non-profit initiatives.

We are a small and independent boutique hotel in Arendal.

Lille Hotel (which means “Little Hotel” in Norwegian) was started in 2019 with one goal: to create a socially conscious business that leverages the creative and can-do energy of the local community. 

After months of brainstorming, discussions, revisions and a TEDx talk later, Lille Hotell was born: A collaborative street art hotel with art pieces featuring 10 artists from around Arendal, Norway and around the world. 

At our hotel, you can experience an eclectic collection of street art, ranging from the history of Arendal to the more contemporary commentary on today’s world. The art pieces have been curated by Ane Skjævestad at Mint Streetart Production. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique little creative bubble in the heart of beautiful Arendal

Our Street Art Team

Room # 8, 13

Ane Lila Valentin

Ane Lila Valentin is a curator, artist, producer and urban developer. 

Kristiansand, Norway

Room # 3


Bisho is an artist using the Graffiti 3D Wildstyle. Part of Artsowing.

Sevilla, Spain

Room # 6

Ener Konings

Ener Konings is a Norwegian street and collage artist.

Bergen, Norway

Room # 11


KASO is the artist duo of Solfrid Kjetså & Kaja Raastad.

Arendal/Oslo, Norway

Room # 14

NPFP Agency

NPFP Agency is an artist duo from Arendal.

Oslo/Kristiansand, Norway



RabL is a fun and playful artist seeking to break conventional rules.

Nordre Follo, Norway

Room # 2

Rocio Cruz

Rocio Cruz is a painter and traveler. Part of Artsowing.

Sevilla, Spain

Room # 1, 5, 7, 9

Sedin Zunic

Founder of KRS Gatekunst foundation and

Kristiansand, Norway

Room # 12

Solfrid Kjetså

Solfrid Kjetså is a Norwegian stage and costume designer.

Arendal/Oslo, Norway

Room # 4, 10

Tove-Marie Odderdal

Tove-Marie Odderdal is a local artist.

Arendal, Norway