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Located on the sunny coast of Southern Norway, Arendal is an idyllic maritime town where traditions of the past meet contemporary Scandinavian trends.

Welcome to Arendal!

Arendal - Foto Peder Austrud©Visit Sørlandet


With a strong maritime history stretching back to the 1700s, Arendal played a strategic role in European shipping for close to two centuries. 

Step back in time while walking amidst the quaint historical buildings of Tyholmen or the idyllic island of Merdø. The island remains car free and is just a ferry ride from the dock at Tyholmen, a short wander from your front door.

Foto Sophie Barbier
Foto Peder Austrud © Visit Sørlandet
Foto Peder Austrud © Visit Sørlandet
Foto Heidi Sørvig © Visit Sørlandet

Foto: Peder Austad © Visit Sørlandet

the docks:

Beautiful POLLEN

A stone’s throw away from Lille Hotel, you step onto Pollen, Arendal’s beautiful docks that are now sprawling with vibrant cafés, restaurants and bars. Enjoy a traditional Norwegian fishcake from Fiskebrygga (the local fish market) or an ice cream by the waterfront and watch the locals go by. 

Artistic influences

Arendal also offers an up-and-coming art scene. A quick stroll down the block from our hotel you will find an exciting contemporary art gallery, ARTENDAL, which is a branch of the reputed Bomuldsfabrikken Art Hall. At ARTENDAL you can admire and buy the works of some of Norway’s leading contemporary artists. 

A mere 2 kilometers from our hotel, you can visit Bomuldsfabrikken Art Hall (meaning “Cotton Factory”), which is Southern Norway’s largest location for contemporary art. Their exhibits are free of admission and as an added bonus, the old factory is located by the beautiful lake of Langsæ. 

On your way back to the city center, you can swing by KUBEN, Arendal and Agder’s (county) museum. KUBEN (“the Cube”) is a modern addition to Arendal’s architectual expression and represents the coming together of history and contemporary art.

Joining this trend, Lille Hotell is one of the first hotels in Norway launched with a focus on street art. 


Bomuldsfabrikken Art Hall

KUBEN Museum


Arendal and the surrounding areas are a large moraine formation formed by the retreat of a glacier about 12,000 years ago. The result is smooth rock formations (perfect for sun-bathing on hot summer days!) and an abundance of round pebbles and rocks. 

In 2016, Raet National Park was established to protect the unique nature and moraine landscapes around Arendal. Go for a forest walk at Hove and admire where the greenery meets the sea. 

Adventurous? Try a diving course in the beautiful waters of Arendal with Agder Dykkersenter!

Foto Sophie Barbier
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